What is Wayn-Zen?

~The way to Natural~

"WAY" means way, TAO.
"N" means natural, nature being, nature, existence itself.
Wayn-Zen: It represents the way to nature, a way back to the nature.
Wayn-Zen: Its source is nature and to go back to the nature.
Wayn-Zen is "existence" itself.

An ancient Zen that originally exists has been attracting attention globally.
Apart from the fixed concept of traditional Zen, we will purify and heal the mind and body of people who live today through Wayn- Zen.
A purpose of Wayn-Zen is to thoroughly bring out the health and joy of life that people should originally possess, and to go along a trace of life that it should be.
And people and nature, people and society, people and family, all of them will be filled with love.

~Links to the source field~

Heaven, earth, sea...
The sky, the sun, wind, water, air, plant and animal...
Original Zen exists everywhere from the ancient time.
Wayn-Zen is the links to the source field.

Let’s experience the purification and healing of the mind and body in the connection with invisible power of the nature, and regain the power to live and true self.
Let’s be free from anxiety, fear and worries, restore yourself, and let's obtain a free heart, new self and a new life.

It can be said that Okinawa, where the sea unites with heaven, is the most suitable place for Wayn-Zen, since the great nature lively gives the power in there.

World-wide Wayn-Zen

Malaysia, Sabah: Wayn-Zen Rose Hotel

Located in Kinabalu Mountain, the highest peak in Southeast Asia and World Natural Heritage where you can feel the ultimate purification and healing.  ...more

China, Beijing Wild Duck Lake: Wayn-Zen Lakeside Hotel

Wayn-Zen's first dojo in Beijing Wild Duck Lake Park, China's largest wetland park. Wayn-Zen central facility for medical care. ...more

China, Shandong, Tai'erzhuang District: Wayn-Zen Taizhuang Hotel.

Taizhou public house is the place where the Qing emperor also stayed. This is a central facility where people can be purified with the power of water located near the canal boasting the history of 2500 years. ...more

Taiwan · Taipei Yangmingshan: Wayn-Zen Maitreya Dojo

Located in Yangmingshan mountains, Taiwan's famous hot spring spot, where one can feel the connection with the heaven and the earth, the sea and the sky. First Maitreya Dojo in Wayn-Zen.  ...more

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