Guest rooms

There are dormitory type of Japanese-style or western-style room, private room type of western-style room. Tea and incense are available in each room. It is a comfortable space to heal your mind and body so you may feel like time is going by very slowly. ...more

Purification observatory

A breathtaking view point where you can perform meditation, yoga, etc. with views of the sea. This is the place where you can feel the power of the great nature and get the purification and healing by the "field" . You can feel the connection with that “field” where the sea unites with heaven. ...more

Zen room

Zen meditation, meditation, yoga, seminar, etc. are performed. Since Ryukyu Tatami mats are used on the floor, it is a space where you can spend a comfortable time during yoga and meditation. ...more


You will have a healthy meal that is gentle to the mind and body. Fully renovated in 2018. We serve a healthy meal that is gentle to the mind and body with plenty of Okinawa vegetables and medicinal herbs with an idea that healthy food both prevents and cures sickness. We always have prepared menu regardless of our visitors being a vegetarian or not. ...more

Guest room information

We offer a lot of comfortable tatami rooms, and the relaxing space will fit well with the atmosphere of Zen. Zen tea and incense, etc.(which are provided in each program) are set in each room. Please make yourself at home in the room after the activity.


* In order to pursue the physical and mental health of participants, we recommend an offline stay, and there are no Wi-Fi or TV in each room. However, Wi-Fi is installed in some common areas such as front desk, lobby and dining room, for those who need it.


Building A (private room)

Private room / Western-style room

Maximum capacity: 2 people 

Room size: 15 m²

Number of beds:

1 double bed(150 cm x 200 cm)

Number of guest rooms: 5 rooms

Building B

(meditation room is available)

Japanese-style and Western-style room unit

Unit configuration:

・1st floor, Western-style room,

   1 room (13 m²),

   2 twin beds(90cm × 200cm)

・2nd floor, Japanese room,

   2 rooms (6 tatami mats in each


・3rd floor, Meditation Room

Shared bathroom(1F)

Shared toilet(1F)

Maximum capacity: 6 people

(2 people in each room)

Number of units: 4

* Independent meditation room is available.

 1st floor, Western-style room

 2nd floor, Japanese-style room

 3rd floor, Meditation Room

 Shared bathroom・Toilet


Building C (spacious room)

Japanese-style and Western-style room unit

Unit configuration:

・1st floor, Western-style room,

   1 room (17 m²),

   2 twin beds(90 cm × 200 cm)

・2nd floor, Japanese-style room,

   1 or 2 rooms (6 tatami mats in

   each room)

Shared bathroom(1F)

Shared toilet(1F) 

Maximum capacity: 4 to 6 people

(2 people in each room)

Number of units: 4

* Spacious room suitable for tea and incense is available.

 1st floor, Western-style room

 2nd floor, Japanese-style room

 Shared bathroom・Toilet

Amenities / Facilities

- Amenities -

"Aroma Ess. Gold", product of POLA, has been prepared as shampoo.Air conditioner, hot water pot, tea set, incense set, dryer, shower, bathtub, toilet and warm water washing toilet seat are also available.

- Facilities -
Bath towel, face towel, shampoo, hair conditioner, body shampoo, toothbrush, hairbrush, razor, cotton and cotton swab are available.

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