Program introduction

~The way to Natural~

In Wayn-Zen, you will get healing and peace of mind through purifying and restoring yourself in the connection with the energy that is the source of all lives.

Although the energy exists in every space and in ourselves from the ancient times, people tend to lose their connection with that energy in modern society by hurting our mind and body with negative factors such as various anxieties, fear, trouble, pressure, etc.

People have a natural ability to reconnect with the source,and Wayn-Zen will bring the link back to you . Wayn-Zen has brought back the source field therapy of ancient times for people`s real purificaiton and healing and ascension. we aim to achieve a natural state for both the mind and body which inhere in human through various easy activities such as Zen meditation, yoga, tea, incense and special meal.

Program Essentials

~Five major readjustment~
Regulate breathing, sleep, diet, body and mind, mind and soul

~Five Core Technologiest~
The Source Field Therapy, Energy Therapy, Qi Therapy, Diet Therapy, Medical Treatment

[1day plan]
In the 1-day plan, you will learn the basic breathing method in Wayn-Zen and you will conduct the first refreshing experience through the Zen tea ceremony.
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[3day plan]
In the 3-day plan, you learn Wayn-Zen's breathing method and link method (connecting with the original energy which is the source of life), and you will receive the power of purification and healing by the field where the sea unites with heaven, through meditating experience.
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