Participants’ comments

Ms. C (30s, Japanese woman, an office worker) :

It is usual that I can not have a good rest even though I try to do so, because I have to do cleaning or something. So I think it is very good practice to rest my body forcibly in a relaxed manner and put in a state I can rest in a place where I can be separated from my everyday life.
I did not know how to do it at first, I decided to try it as I was told, and I did meditation for the first time. I understood that it is okay in this way and it was nice to be able to work with ease. I thought that there might be more tough with some strict rules but I found there were no such rules and I could do it comfortably. It was fun.


Mr. D (30s, American man, the psychologist) :

Oh, my god. Awesome !
Body feels good ,mind feels good...
I think spirit, unified, connected, open...
Thank you.


Ms. R (30s, Japanese woman, the yoga instructor) :

I thought it might be more boring because time would go by slowly than usual, but I felt I could spend a luxurious time to face my 5 senses I could feel directly and naturally when I was meditating, and sometimes I felt a lot of sleepiness, and sometimes I felt that I was hungry after finishing the practice, and that I became sleepy again and so on. Usually I leave the state of feeling sleepy or hungry as it is since I am so busy, but this time I think it was a very luxurious time that I could easily face my own feelings one by one and I could answer it.


Ms. S (20s, Japanese woman, an office worker) :

I've not had a Zen or meditation so much, but I've heard that I could relax easily through breathing method such as abdominal breathing. It was the day I could find it was so important to focus on it. So I would like to take a little time to do this after I get home. By meditating, I realized that I felt something that I did not feel before, such as things I did not feel well or sad in the past that I tried not to feel so.  As I imagined, I think I need to feel thoroughly these feelings that are coming out now, so I would like to feel them by doing a bit of meditation. I came here today as a monitor tour and shooting photo, but I'd like to try a little bit if this place actually opens.




Even we speak different language and cannot communication directly .but when we talked ,we still can feel our heart each other.,I think it`s very good.

Although culture is different ,but I think we have connection,it`s my pleasure to come here and be friend with everyone.I want to come back again,again,and again…


Mr. P (10s, Chinese man, university student) :

At first i` m not so good, last night I felt  a bit  terrible and I don’t know why. When I woke up ,I took a walk and climbed the hill,I can feel spirit ,feel my soul fighting  my desire.I think it`s interesting,I feel some change.After we come here,feel more peaceful and very happy.Now we seat here I can feel much more peaceful and love here.It`s amazing experience, it`s my first time left China and went to foreign ....


Mr. Q (10s, Chinese man, university student) :

In School we`re very busy ,I feel relax here.It`s the first time to hear the voice of my`s a beautiful place and I want to live here.
I usually do Zen meditation with my mom and my brothers at home. But when I came here, I felt better than that doing in my house.
Perhaps the "place" here is very special.
It was really nice, including the sunset I saw at the purification place near the mountain yesterday.
I felt like I can look at the peace of my mind here.


Mr. K (40s, Japanese man, photographer) :

It was really nice.
I was able to enjoy the luxury of not doing anything so much in such a slow time.
Speaking of dojo and training, I thought it might be very hard and the program might be very tight, but it was totally opposite, but it was totally opposite, this was the best experience of relaxing my mind and body I’ve ever had.
I have never experienced this kind of feeling even on Sundays, and it was very quiet, since there were any noise such as cars.
When it comes to meditation, it is said that you can feel peace or quiet when meditating, 
however, I felt peace and the state of meditation in all the way I live.
I think there is a meaning to come here since I can't experience like this in my daily life.

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