Special meal

Wayn-Zen Healthy Food

In Wayn-Zen, it is thought that the four elements of water, air, energy and nutrition (meal) are important for health.

and all the meals based on Japanese and Okinawan food with many Okinawa vegetables and herbs to make the fourth element more special.

Many local foods in Okinawa are more nutritious than other places, and have supported the longevity of people from the old days.

Elements in Okinawa food ingredients and Ryukyu cuisine, realize all the factors of nutrition, taste, and fine presentation.

Our special cuisine with Okinawa's love and energy will bring you the joy of body and mind.

~Five Colors ~five flavors~

From the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth, the five colors and flavors of food are derived and touching.

For breakfast, a healthy piping hot rice porridge set that is a menu of the day, For lunch / dinner served in a Japanese-style set meal menu.
In addition to ordinary meals, vegetarian meals are also available.
We offer different sets of meals every day, and different healthy rice, herb tea and smoothies for each meal.

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