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Address: Nakama 1765 - 13, Onna-village, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa Prefecture, 904 - 0401.
     TEL: 098 - 967 - 7666     Fax: 098 - 967 - 7668

GRACE International Health Management Group"

The GRACE International Health Management Group has been providing new health concepts and practices to all people around the world from China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan and the United States by seeking three themes of 1)the right mental and physical care to keep it healthy, 2)lifestyles blessed with health and 3)Life filled with health.

We are currently expanding our business operations by integrating 5 fields : education, culture, medical care, tourism, and health care.We aim at health and peace of the world through various businesses, such as construction and operation of a new health business model for the future, development of original health tour packages and health products, opening hotels and halls filled with Zen culture, building communities and towns with health themes, etc.

"Wayn-Zen Onna Hotel"

"Wayn-Zen Onna Hotel," showing the "A way back to the nature," was opened as the first Japanese center to propose daily lifestyle to lead for both mind and body to the world based on Chinese Zen culture.

This facility will provide the entire people with a precious moment as a "spiritual health resort" so that we can bring out health and pleasure from the bottom of people’s mind through Zen yoga, Zen tea, and Zen incense, and healthy meals, health care which appeal to the 5 senses of the daily life of people, detoxification for both mind and body and healing.

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